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Bidding extended on Open items for 3 minutes since last bid.
Category: ALL (80 records) 07/20/2016 GESSLER DRUGS OUT OF BUSINESS - Wednesday * July 20th 9am CST - Online ends at 7am

Item Photo Description Bids High
Next Bid
1 1T.JPGbar stool       ended
2 2T.JPG5 tree books       ended
3 3T.JPG4 shelves of baby stuff       ended
4 4T.JPGfragrances       ended
5 5T.JPG9 X mas decorations       ended
6 6T.JPGglass shelves       ended
7 7T.JPG3 shelves of Precious Moments       ended
8 8T.JPGglass shelves       ended
9 9T.JPG3 shelves of Precious Moments       ended
10 10T.JPG25 pairs of socks       ended
11 11T.JPGapproximately 1700 cards       ended
12 12T.JPGapproximately 1200 cards       ended
13 13T.JPGapproximately 1150 cards       ended
14 14T.JPGapproximately 2000 cards       ended
15 15T.JPGapproximately 850 cards       ended
16 16T.JPGwood shelf unit       ended
17 17T.JPGcolor stands       ended
18 18T.JPGglass shelves       ended
19 19T.JPG20 bear statues       ended
20 20T.JPG78 beanie babies       ended
21 21T.JPG160 beanie babies       ended
22 22T.JPGOlaf stuffed toys       ended
23 23T.JPGglass door showcase       ended
24 24T.JPGPOS system       ended
25 25T.JPGcounter       ended
26 26T.JPG4 glass showcases       ended
27 27T.JPGblack mortar and pestle       ended
28 28T.JPGwhite mortar with wood handle pestle       ended
29 29T.JPGlarge white mortar with wood handle pestle       ended
30 30T.JPGApothecary Bottles       ended
31 31T.JPGApothecary Bottles       ended
32 32T.JPGglass with silver stand       ended
33 33T.JPGmeasuring bottle       ended
34 34T.JPGold medicine bottles       ended
35 35T.JPGRX mortar       ended
36 36T.JPGglass with silver stand (blue)       ended
37 37T.JPG3 price machines       ended
38 38T.JPGglass display       ended
39 39T.JPGglass cube display       ended
40 40T.JPGbottles in wood case       ended
41 41T.JPG3 stands       ended
42 42T.JPGglass shelf unit       ended
43 43T.JPGglass shelf unit       ended
44 44T.JPGbeanie baby display       ended
45 45T.JPGwood/plexi shoe display       ended
46 46T.JPGgreeting cards and display       ended
47 47T.JPGgreeting cards and display (learning tree)       ended
48 48T.JPG2 White woodwick candle displays       ended
49 49T.JPG2 Yankee candle displays       ended
50 50T.JPG4 TY displays       ended

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