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Bidding extended on Open items for 3 minutes since last bid.
Category: ALL (30 records) 11/27/2019 Block 32 Bar & Grill, Eatery & Pub - WEDNESDAY * November 27th Live at 9am - online 7am

Item Photo Description Bids High
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1 1T.jpglarge make table       ended
2 2T.jpgHobart meat slicer       ended
3 3T.jpgconveyor toaster       ended
4 4T.jpg3 port table top warmer       ended
5 5T.jpgmetro rack       ended
6 6T.jpgCres Core heat n hold       ended
7 7T.jpggrease pump/filter       ended
8 8T.jpgfloor scrubber       ended
9 9T.jpgportable screen       ended
10 10T.jpg3 door make table       ended
11 11T.jpgchurch pew       ended
12 12T.jpgrolling cart       ended
13 13T.jpgexercise rack       ended
14 14T.jpg3 coolers       ended
15 15T.jpgice bin       ended
16 16T.jpgbread cart       ended
17 17T.jpgwrap station       ended
18 18T.jpglocker bank       ended
19 19T.jpg2 door stainless freezer       ended
20 20T.jpgTroy Built pressure washer       ended
21 21T.jpg2 stainless tea dispensers       ended
22 22T.jpgKitchen aid mixer       ended
23 23T.jpgmetro rack       ended
24 24T.jpg3 door make table       ended
25 25T.jpgmicrowave       ended
26 26T.jpgpool table       ended
27 27T.jpgsingle door freezer       ended
28 28T.jpg       ended
29 29T.jpg       ended
30 30T.jpg       ended

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