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Highlights: This area is for individuals to buy/sell/trade their personal items. Only items legally sold in the city of Wichita may be posted here.
Categories: Catalog - ALL ITEMS (5)
Terms: To post here call 316-847-4333 or email ntswichita@yahoo.com . Adds cost $25 per add plus $1 per picture. Adds run for 30 days. This area is ran by NTS Wichita LLC and is not part of Palmer Auction.
Directions: These adds are from individual sellers and are not part of Palmer auction. All agreements are between buyer and seller. Palmer auction accepts no responsibility for actions of buyers or sellers. Any unlawful acts from buyer or seller will be turned over to local law enforcement.
Contact: Palmer Auction
101 W 29th N
Wichita KS 67204
Phone: 316-838-4141 office
Fax: 316-847-4333 internet
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