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Archive: 09/18/2019 Lonestar Assets
Conducted: Wednesday * September 18th 9:00am online ends at 7am CST
Location: Sale site: : 3601 N. St. Francis
Wichita, Ks.

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Highlights: Inventory Fixtures Coolers Sinks Ice Maker

T_10001 T_10002 T_10003 T_10004 T_10005

Categories: ALL ITEMS (23)
Notes: Troy Built Power Wash 2800 PSI, Garden Hose w/Cart, Ice Tea Dispenser
Hoshizaki Ice machine, Samsung Monitor, Brother Printer, Step Ladder,
Spartan Single Dr Glass Cooler, (2) Nemco Hot Dog Machine w/Bun Warmer,
Assoted Pkg Battery, Flash Lite, Cell Phone, Chargers, Sunglasses, Open Sign;
(Asst) Motor Oil & ATF,
Assorted Beer, Bush, Coors, Natural Lite,
Bud Lite, Budweiser, Key Stone, Miller,

Michelob, Stella, Artois, Corona, (400) Asst Beer,

Power Aids 32 oz, Gater Aid 32 oz, Cans Pop, Pepsi

Assorted Bag Chips
Chex Mix, Ritz bits, potato Skin, Doritos,
puff Corn, Tortilla Chips, Sunflower Seeds
Corn Nuts, Planters Nuts

Candy Bars:
Mr Goodbar, Reeses, Kit Kat, Hershey,
Baby Ruth, Butter Fingers, Twix, Snickers,
3 musketeers, Milky Way, M & Ms, Halls

Beef Jerky
Chewing Gum: Orbit,Eclipse, Trident, True Dare, Hoba
Bubble, Juicy Fruit, Winter Fresh, Tic Tac, Ice Cubes, Dentyne
Cigars: Black Mild, Swisher Sweet, Nicorette Gum
Approx. (700) pkg Cigarettes (asst Brands) Vaper E. Cig
(20_ 4 Gondolla Shelving, Spartan Glass Door Cooler
Ojeda Fresh Food Self Service, Cold Cut/Sunfresh Food Cooler
Metro Shelfs, Cigarett Display Shelves, POS System, Fire Ext.
MW Ovens, Coffee Machine


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