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About Bud Palmer Auctions


Palmerauction.com is the newest part of Bud Palmer auctions. Keeping up with technology you can now bid on Bud Palmer auctions online.  The online service works simply. You bid at your leisure, from your home, office or even on vacation.  The online auction closes prior to the start of the live auction. The winning online bidders are represented up to their maximum bid at the live auction. This is the closest thing to being there in person.  After the live auction the winning online bidders are notified of what they won and there total. We have over 30 years of online auction experience on this team.


Bud Palmer has been a local auctioneer for over 50 years. He has built a reputation like no other in this area and continues to go forward into the future with the addition of Palmerauction.com.




101 W 29th St N

Wichita KS 67204



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